Cable Tray Systems

The main purpose of cable trays and ladder systems is to support the cables and other electrical equipments and place them. This systems are designed to support the cables not to conserve them. They are seperated to three parts as A-C-Z according to their standarts.These are underfloor cable trays. This classification is made according to the hole underfoor.


The hole on its floor doesn’t proceed the two percent of total surface. It consists of two pieces, on the upper floor, there are segments according to the width of the cable. These segments are designed in one piece not to damage the cable. This type of cable is seperated to two segments. This classification is made according to the hole underfloor. The hole on the surface must be between %15 and %30 of total surface.


The purpose of it is decrease heat to minimum. Normal type cable trays should be used in traying the lighter cables. Heavy Duty Cable Trays enable you to tray heavier loads. This type is cable ladders. This classification is made according to open base place. The open base over the product is more than %90. The removal capacity is not different from C class cable trays. With the feature of good airing, Z class cable trays are preffered in the points where the energy cables are heavily trained. In the process of product, separate places are connected and cable way is created. While these pieces are combined the rivet method is used.