Container Buildings : The buildings will be performed with the modular system. The facades and the roofs will be high density (38-40 kg/m3) polyurethane sandwich panels which is contain R12 insulation and B2+ no flammability standards according to DIN 4102. Our offer according to your request in the accompanying drawings, where plans are crafted from a single storey building. The exterior of the building will be plastered; the interior surfaces will be gypsum wall and the suspended ceiling. The windows are performed with the PVC, wooden doors will be used as a interior doors. The wet floors (WC -Shower) will be ceramic coating.


The interior floors are made of laminate. The curved roof type will be applied to the roof. Installation will be organized by our supervisors and the price will be calculated separately. The price of rough installation, making curved roof, electrical and plumbing works is included. The levelling of site and casting of reinforced concrete is not included. The cranes must be ready at site during the installation process. The electricity and water connections should be ready.