Supermarket Shelves

Supermarket shelf, also named supermarket rack, can be divided into two types.One is back net supermarket shelf,available in single and double sides, the other is luxury backboard supermarket shelf, available in sigle and double side.

Back net type supermarket rack would be more fixing in construction, more convenient in moving,luxury and beauty in appearance with installed partition net layer frames, connected with pothook and inserted press configuration with screw.

Those racks are suitable for shops, big or middle-size supermarkets.Supermarket shelves take up small space,layers can be adjusted randomly,also with advantages of quick disassembly or assembly, firm durable.
These shelves are mostly used in supermarkets.

The arrangement of high-low position of each layer can be adjusted according to the dimension of different commodity, our racks help seller to achieve perfect commodity display effect and reach a good sale.